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This globe was cut from a spherical steel shell. The wall thickness is 12 mm. Due to the manufacturing process, the spherical shell is not ideally round. Clever-Cut® compensates for the tolerance and corrects the cutting command at the customer's request. The correction vector has optionally the directions X, Y, Z, the beam direction or a vectorial summation.

Asymmetrically designed components require three-dimensional machining.

Machining machines can deform the workpiece unintentionally.

Large-scale plants in mechanical engineering or power generation are usually planned for long periods of use. It is not uncommon for large-scale water technology plants to be in operation for more than 50 years. The actual service life that is achieved often depends on how precisely the components have been manufactured.

Every manufacturing step that is performed on the component can cause unintentional changes in shape.

    Complex large-scale plants involve fewer risks if they are manufactured precisely.

    The component shown in Figure 2 is an example. Sheet metal strips were deformed in an elaborate bending process and then welded together to form an irregular ring torus. The torus is complex in design and has many recesses. All recesses must be machined comparatively accurately. The maximum position tolerance must not exceed 1.4 mm in the Cartesian coordinate system.

    Initially, metal cutting was attempted. This turned out to be very time-consuming. The hollow body started vibrating and deformed. This happened because of the force impact of the cutting tool. Extensive bracing operations became necessary.

    Clever-Cut® was able to solve the problem inexpensively. A large 3-D waterjet cutting system can process 3 by 3 by 6 m components with millimeter precision. The repeatability of the system is even less than 0.1 mm. Before the machining job starts, a precise measurement is made. This is done fully automatically. The application of this 3-D waterjet cutting device is not limited to steel or metal material. Ceramic, glass, polymer, wooden components can also be accurately machined.

    Figure 2: One of 24 similar components that Clever-Cut® has machined with millimeter precision using its 3D waterjet abrasive process. End User: Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics. Wendelstein 7-x nuclear fusion reactor.

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