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Advantages of 3D water jet cutting

Precise – Cost-efficient – Flexible – Clever-Cut®

  • The dimensions of the components can be up to 3m x 3m x 6m.

  • For almost all materials: titanium, steel, aluminium, plastic and composite materials, glass, laminated glass and ceramics, marble, granite, natural stone, wood, films, cardboard, insulation materials, leather, carpeting, …

  • Cold cutting process, thermally-related changes in the materials at the cutting edge are ruled out.
  • Any contours on spherical components are possible.
  • Minimum clamping forces due to almost load-free processing.
  • Precise cutting accuracy and high surface quality up to Ra < 1 μm upon request
  • Optimum material utilization and
  • seamless nesting possible.
  • Clever-Cut® is specializes in the production of individual parts and prototypes.
  • Cost-effective program creation by direct import of your CAD file.
  • Clever-Cut® also manufactures hygienic inspection doors for you. (see example OmgaSeal®)


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