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Typical Branches and Materials

Mold making, model making, mechanical engineering or apparatus construction

Clever-Cut® works, for example, for companies in the fields of mechanical engineering, apparatus engineering, pressure equipment, mold making, model making, the aerospace industry, plastics technology, architecture, fine ceramics, chemistry (chemical apparatuses, reactor vessels), high-temperature engineering, art object construction, advertising object construction, sculpture, fixture construction, power station construction, ship and marine technology, automotive suppliers and turbine construction.


Nearly all materials are possible

Alloy, concrete, stainless steel, glass, granite, Hastelloy, wood, ceramics, plastics, Manganese steel, non-ferrous metals, foam, steel, stone, Tungsten oxide ceramics, Titanium, aluminum, composites, laminated glass and ceramics, marble, natural stone, wood, foils, cardboard, insulation materials, leather, carpets, ...

Examples of our services are:

  • Cutting out manholes in thick-walled torospherical heads.
  • Working in grooves for O-ring seals
  • Cutting out inspection openings of any shape, working in grooves for O-ring seals
  • Cut-outs from reactor vessels and chemical equipment with complete preparation for welding for the attachment of nozzles, domes, fittings …
  • Cut-outs from reactor vessels manufactured from plated materials, and complete preparation for welding in accordance with welding sequence plans.
  • Cutting out heat exchanger plates, including welding preparation
  • Cutting out thick-walled pipe bends, Y-connectors and connections with any desired departure angle, including welding preparation.
  • Cutting spherically shaped supporting frameworks for the aeronautical and space flight industries.
  • Cutting hollow parts for the aeronautical and space flight industries


The technology

Cleaned water is compressed to about 4,000 bar and directed onto the material to be cut by a sapphire nozzle. Sand can be optionally added to the water. The cutting jet acts as a thin diamond saw blade. CNC command data guide the cutting jet three-dimensionally over the work piece.


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