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Clever-Cut GmbH is a service provider

With a well experienced team

Clever-Cut GmbH is a service provider, which knows the specific application areas of pressure device - and apparatus construction, as well as classical machinery construction very well. Practically speaking, any material that can be welded can be cut. For examples please see branches and materials.

In addition to our cutting work, our experienced team of CNC cutters also offers interesting extensive services, such as cutting in O-ring grooves in particular.

Clever-Cut GmbH is the operator of a large 3-D water jet cutting machine. Water is compressed to approximately 4000 bar; a sapphire nozzle aims the high energy jet of water at the work piece, converting energy of compression into kinetic energy. An intelligent 6-axis controller guides the water nozzle and cuts materials of all kinds with very high precision.

Our service is applied, for example, for the construction of machines, equipment, pressurized equipment, molds and models; in the aeronautical and space flight industries, plastics engineering, architecture, fine ceramics and high-temperature engineering; and in the construction of art objects, advertising objects, turbines and many more.


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